venerdì 22 luglio 2016

A new beginning.

Everything started with a "Francesca, do you want to spend a period of time in the USA?"
My mum knew me and knew that it was the biggest dream I have ever had. I always tried to save money because I wanted to go study in America.
I wanted to attend an American College, I wanted to live my American Dream and nobody could have stopped me from doing that. But then I have grown up and realize that it was impossibile. I could not go to an American college with that little of money. College is freaking expensive there and unfortunately doesn't take just that little of money.
So, when my mum asked me if I wanted to spend a just a little period of time in America, my answer was a huge yes! Of course I wanted to.
That's how my journey began. That's how my biggest dream became the best thing I have ever done in my life.
I spent one year in Chandler, Arizona and even though I could have been luckier and end up living in New York, San Francisco,  some tropical place in Hawaii or Seattle I didn't.  There were times where the only thing I wanted to do was leave Arizona or go to another school...I have hated my school and my city but then it became my home and I started loving every bit of it.
I love it so much that I wish I could come back to start school on Monday, as everyone in Basha is gonna do, even if that mean starting school in the middle of July.
I am gonna come back in Chandler for sure (even if it won't be the same), I am gonna travel to new places and make new memories. I am gonna find another place to call home even though I will neve forget the experiences and the places I have lived at.
I want to write about what I discovered and what I learned from this year abroad,  but I also wanna write about my new adventures and a little bit about me.
And for the one that are interested...
I am Francesca Papa and my major dreams in my life right now are: become a surgeon(so get in medical school) and travel around the world!

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