venerdì 9 settembre 2016


I have been to Germany for a week during summer break and I actually learned and did so many things so I am just gonna write down a list of facts I found interesting or things that I found different from my country.
1- You can give out certain plastic bottle to groceries stores and get money out of it.
2- You can start driving when you are 17, but only with your parents. Once you turn 18 you can drive by yourself.
3- I actually know how to distinguish a biergarten with an outdoor restaurant: the first one has tables with benches, restaurants have tables with chairs.
4- There are two different kind of beers that have lemonade in it; and they are pretty good.
5- In the Baverian region people wear a typical dress during ceremonies like weddings and Oktoberfest
6- There are many Americans fast food: McDonald, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts etc.
7-They have a lot of bakeries.
8- They love bread.
9-They really like biking, there are always cycle paths.
10-There are no speed limits on the highways
11-You can see the alps from Munich thanks to the föhn
12-When you ask for water in a restaurant it is likely that they'll give you sparkling water
13-High school system is complicated. There are three different kind of high school. One of the three doesn't allow you to go to college. You need to attend one of the other two in order to go to college.
14- It's illegal to buy cigarettes if you are under 18 but you can smoke them legally. It's common to have teenagers asking you if you could go buy cigarettes for them.
15-Even if they live in a big city with good colleges is common for them to go away for college